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You are in good hands with Kimberly G. Granatino & Associates P.C. in Hingham, MA area. Practice areas include arbitration and mediation services, custody and support law. We offer more than 20 years of experience, dignity, and compassion when you need it most. Request a phone call for a consultation.

Divorce & Modifications

Divorce Coaching

Coaching is when a party consults with an attorney with respect to a case in progress, a proposal for settlement, and any myriad of issues that may arise; however, the attorney does not enter her appearance, appear in court on that person's behalf, or advocate in any way for the party, other than to advise him or her behind the scenes.

Our Hingham, MA divorce lawyer

Attorneys, Arbitration & Mediation Services, Custody & Support Law in Norwell, MA

Assistance is available for both contested and non-contested divorces, using litigation, mediation, and limited responsibility. We offer help with modifications that are filed for divorce modification changes.

Alimony & Child Support

Alimony is support paid from the payor to a payee, which is determined on many factors, such as length of marriage. Child support is determined by the child support guidelines based on incomes, number of children, and other factors. 

Agreements & Property Division

We draft divorce agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, paternity agreements, and the like. Property division is based on the agreement dealing with children, property division, life insurance, medical, child support, child custody, real estate, and property.


Contempt & Restraining Orders

Contempt is when a person fails to abide by a court order. A restraining order is when the court orders a party to not contact the other party. Restraining orders prevent a party from contacting or appearing in person and will keep the parties separated.

Attorney & Couple, Arbitration & Mediation Services, Custody & Support Law in Norwell, MA

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